This will be the location for my ‘SPACE: 1889’ maps, scenarios, etc.

I have tentatively started working on lift ships for Mars. No idea when I will get done.

In this game, Aether ships travel between planets and other ships, I’ll have look over the materiial I purchased, go down to the surface and back up to orbit.

I got the planet photos from a NASA web site.

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April, 2018

Apr 10

Added some basic info about various planets, etc.

Apr 5

Added various photos of the planets and some moons.

I’ll be looking for the drawing of a lift boat I started in Campaign Cartographer 3. I’m fairly good at rectangular maps, so it might be a bit of a tussle for me to draw a ship.

Until I get my domain certs fixed, there wont be a navigation menu.

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No photos.

No outposts.

The current, SPACE: 1889 !’ telescopes aren’t really good enough to see things out this far. A 200 inch telescope is being planned for Mt. Palomar on earth.

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Almost forgot Neptune. I wont be showing photos on the moons of Neptune unless I come up with a scenario for one.

A few outpost keepers have jumped out the airlock to ‘go swimming’ on Neptune. Outpost abandoned.

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