This will be the location for my ‘SPACE: 1889’ maps, scenarios, etc.

I have tentatively started working on lift ships for Mars. No idea when I will get done.

In this game, Aether ships travel between planets and other ships, I’ll have look over the material I purchased, go down to the surface and back up to orbit.

I got the planet photos from a NASA web site.

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June, 2019

Jun 20

Some maps in the planning stage, nothing to post yet.

April, 2018

Apr 22

Added a FAQ page, and working on the navigation menus.

Navigation menus are updated.

Apr 10

Added some basic info about various planets, etc.

Apr 5

Added various photos of the planets and some moons.

I’ll be looking for the drawing of a lift boat I started in Campaign Cartographer 3. I’m fairly good at rectangular maps, so it might be a bit of a tussle for me to draw a ship.

Until I get my domain certs fixed, there wont be a navigation menu.

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Some of this site will be based on the ‘SPACE: 1889 !’ game, and some of it will be explorations done by the characters in that game.

For my Futuristic Mars based on near future scenarios click this link. It will be Trans-Human Space and a bit beyond in travel. Some of that game, Trans-Human GURPS, I don’t care for. At all. So some types of details will be left out.

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No photos.

No outposts.

The current, ‘SPACE: 1889 !’ telescopes aren’t really good enough to see things out this far. A 200 inch telescope is being planned for Mt. Palomar on Earth.

Real World, 21st Century, astronomers still don’t know much about this. It might extend out a light year.

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